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GOT Balloons - Gathering Of Twisters Balloon Jams, Arlington, Texas.

Gathering Of Twisters
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G.O.T. Balloons Twister Jam GOT Class Members area - videos, balloon recipes, and more by Stretch the Balloon Dude.
G.O.T. Class
G.O.T. Balloons are where the Gathering Of Twister events all began back in April of 2003 with the first G.O.T. Balloons Jam. Since then hundreds of balloon twisters have joined in the twisted fun of our balloon jams. G.O.T. Class Members is a special section where members get access to balloon recipes, books, videos and other educational and informative resources from Stretch the Balloon Dude.

GOT Class Workshiops seminars, lectures and eductional events with Stretch the Balloon Dude and Mrs. Stretch. G.O.T. Paint Face Paint Jam GOT Class on the Road traveling seminars, lectures and eductional events with Stretch the Balloon Dude and Mrs. Stretch.
G.O.T. Class
Paint Jam
G.O.T. Class
On the Road
G.O.T. Class Workshops are special one day events featuring industry leaders who come to share their insight, knowledge, and art.

G.O.T. Paint Jams are special one day jams for face painters. Along with the sharing that normally makes a jam so much fun, several local artists will take about 15 to 20 minutes each to share one or two fun designs with the group. G.O.T. Class on the Road lecture tours are trips where Stretch heads out to teach workshops in various cities around the country. Email us if you are interested in having Stretch come to your city.

We would like to extend our gratitude to our distributor and manufacturers for their continued support.
All American Balloons - where Stretch buys his balloons. learn to twist balloons spacerBetallic Balloons - Stretch's preferred brand of quality balloons.learn to twist balloons spacer Qualatex Balloons

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